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We believe good things are here to be shared. And our mission is to share the incredible magic of Tertsa, Crete and it’s surrounding areas. We are Nathalie Gesche and Seanan Denizot, yoga teachers and event and tourism specialist, brought together by the love of tranquility, wilderness and harmony with the earth. 

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Good things are here to be shared, and we look forward to sharing them with you! 

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"I took yoga classes from Nathalie Gesche in a resort compound she managed in West Africa. Nathalie's classes were a physical and mental escape from my exhausting employment with the United Nations and were tremendously refreshing to my spirit. I highly recommend teachings from Nathalie."

—  Jean Juba (Oregon - USA)

Nathalie Gesche Yoga

Nathalie Gesche

As a child I always knew I wanted to grow up and travel. I was a restless and eager to grow up, curious about what life was really all about. So after studying linguistics in my home-town of Leuven, Belgium I packed a backpack and hit the road.

I loved the sense of awe at every new landscape I saw, each one more beautiful than the other. I loved the feeling that I was small in a large world, a world filled with the unknown that would quench my curiosity.

After travelling throughout Europe, I found my way to India, a land full of magic and mystery. In 1987, I met Danny Paradise in Goa, a handsome man with a guitar in his hands who was singing songs and telling tales. Danny introduced me to the Ashtanga Yoga practice and to Cliff Barber who became my mentor and teacher. Yoga soon became an integrated part of my daily life, bringing me balance and keeping me centered. 

When Cliff moved to the island of Crete, it was only natural that I would follow. The wild nature of the island enthralled me and while I kept on traveling, I made Crete my base. I eventually made my way to Tertsa and immediately fell in love with the small village and its inhabitants.

Tertsa is now my permanent home and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my yoga practice with everyone who lives or visits this small hidden paradise.

I consider Yoga the greatest gift I ever received, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who made me who I am as a yoga teacher today.  Thank you Danny, Ralph, Gili, Miri and Raphael for being in my life. Deep loving thanks to Cliff for being my inspiration. Thank you to all the awesome students who joined their mat to mine. Because good things are there to be shared!

Seanan Denizot Yoga

Seanan Denizot

At the age of 16, I was prescribed yoga as part of a holistic method to treat severe panic attacks. The panic attacks quickly ceased but my relationship with yoga only continued to grow. Yoga has showed me how to calm my excited and ever-curious mind, to relax and find peace in the presence.


As an international entrepreneur, I have worked as a professional and business owner in the tourism industry in the US, Canada, Europe and West Africa. Throughout my travels I diligently sought out yoga classes and teachers wherever I was.


In 2011, I met Nathalie Gesche in Liberia. Nathalie introduced me to the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice, teaching me the series during her 6am classes.

In 2013 I traveled to Crete on Nathalie’s recommendation. There I studied Ashtanga yoga with Cliff Barber. The combination of the dedication to the practice and the magic of the island left me feeling calmer, happier, and stronger than I ever have.


Throughout my travels I’ve been blessed with many incredible teachers, also including - Miri & Gili HarouviDavid Williams, Kathy McNames, Adena Harford Bright, Claire Phoebe Saunders. I would also like to thank all the online yoga teachers that made it possible for me to continue learning no matter where in the world I was, including Kino Yoga and Faith Hunter.


Growing up dancing and teaching skiing has given me a solid foundation of learning and demonstrating how to maneuver our bodies in a safe and fun manner. I practice yoga for the health of my body and the health of my soul. When it comes to teaching, I’m a stickler for a safety-first mentality and a focus on self-love.

Today, I am incredibly honored and excited to be teaching yoga with Nathalie. I hope to share with others the magic of yoga and this very special place on the island of Crete, called Tertsa.