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Tertsa, Crete

Tertsa is a tiny village hidden in a beachside valley on the island of Crete. It is a haven for those that seek true retreat from the fast paced modern world. Off the usual tourist trail, Tertsa’s lush valley and beachfront location offer the best of Crete; living in harmony with nature, generous hospitality, a slow paced lifestyle and the shining mediterranean sea.


Located on the Southern East Coast of the island, the surrounding Dikti mountain range shelters the small valley from the cold North wind making Tertsa one of the warmest places in Greece (and Europe) during the winter months with average temperatures of 10 to 20C. This unique protection creates a subtropical microclimate and extremely fertile land. Not only do the local farms flourish here, but tropical fruits including bananas, papaya and passion fruit, unusual to Europe, thrive in Tertsa valley. Its secluded location and cherished Cretan authenticity, has made Tertsa a renowned beach destination for the local island dwellers to escape the tourist crowds in the summer.


The hidden gem has also gained notoriety for it’s reputation as a welcome haven to alternative lifestyle seekers. In the 1970s and 80s, when young men with long hair were often apprehended by the police simply to have their hair cut off, Tertsa welcomed Greeks and foreigners alike, who were in search of a simple life, living in harmony with the land and away from modern societal construct. Many of these “hippies” still happily call Tertsa their home, and now their children’s home.


The tiny village is made up of less than 70 residents, has three tavernas and one mini-market.

Visitors and residents alike will tell you there’s definitely something magic in the air here. The valley’s fertile land and the village’s warming atmosphere offer more than just the perfect place for a peaceful pause. Surrounded by fresh food and medicinal herbs growing from the land, greeted with warm smiles, and soaking up the Mediterranean sun, anyone visiting Tertsa is promised healing, restoration and tranquility.

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Airport - Heraklion Airport (HER)

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